EU referendum: information for students

At UAL we are committed to all of our current and prospective students, and we welcome students from the European Union (EU). We value our place in the European cultural environment and believe that knowledge and scholarship are borderless.

On 29 March 2017 the UK Government triggered Article 50 and notified the EU of its intention to withdraw. The UK remains a full member of the EU until 29 March 2019, and therefore all EU rules and regulations currently still apply to the UK.

We understand that current and prospective students will have important questions about the impact of the referendum result (commonly referred to as ‘Brexit’).

<p><b>Martin Essemann - Denmark<br />
Chelsea College of Arts</b></p>

I wanted a creative course with a more international outlook than what Denmark could offer me, so I thought London was the ideal place to come to.

Martin Essemann - Denmark
Chelsea College of Arts

Impact of the EU Referendum on Fees and Funding

The UK Government has confirmed that the eligibility criteria for fees and funding remain unchanged for EU nationals, or their family members, who will be starting a course at a university in England in the 2018/19 and 2019/2020 academic years. Eligibility criteria for such students will remain the same for the duration of their course.

Impact of the EU Referendum on Immigration

There is no requirement for EU citizens, or their family members, living in the UK to do anything now. Later this year, EU citizens and their family members living in the UK will be able to start applying for settled or pre-settled status through the new EU Settlement Scheme.  However you may still choose to make an application for a Permanent Residence card under EU law up until 29 March 2019. This can then be exchanged for settled status free of charge.

Erasmus students

Whether you are a student studying at UAL under the Erasmus exchange programme, or a UAL student studying elsewhere under Erasmus, you will continue to be eligible for your Erasmus grant while the UK remains a member of the EU.

If you have any questions about the Erasmus programme, please email our Erasmus Coordinator:

<p><b>Céline Marie Wenninger - Germany<br />
London College of Fashion</b></p>

I absolutely love the vibe in London, and the open-mindedness of this international mix of people.

Céline Marie Wenninger - Germany
London College of Fashion